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Is ‘American Horror Story’ Leaving Netflix in 2020?

american horror story season 8 leaving netflix september 2020

American Horror Story – Picture: FX

The future of American Horror Story is thrown into question once again as we’re now seeing removal dates appearing on season eight of American Horror Story. Will American Horror Story be leaving Netflix? Let’s take a look at the timeline and what we know so far. 

Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, American Horror Story is one of the top series on FX with the anthology series coming up to its 10th season of the premium cable network.

The series has remained on Netflix around the world despite the fact many titles from the FX library has departed Netflix over the last few years. There have been several scares, including the most recent one that came with the launch of FX on Hulu leading to many speculating American Horror Story will leave Netflix. The last “scare” was in 2017 where all seasons were set to leave but was renewed at the last minute.

Last year we were told by Netflix themselves that American Horror Story is not leaving Netflix but could be changing with an expiration date (seen below) for the latest season (season 8 – Apocalypse) showing when you watch the show.

Season eight of American Horror Story is set to leave Netflix US on September 24th, 2020 although no other seasons carry expiration warnings.

removal date season 8 american horror story

Removal date showing for AHS: Season 8

We were expecting season nine of American Horror Story to arrive on Netflix in either September or October 2020 but this could indicate that the license for the show is no longer being renewed and that we’ll see seasons slowly removed.

Another theory as to what’s going on (and the one we think is most plausible) could simply be that the license is coming up for renewal and that Netflix fully intends to renew the Murphy series and grab the latest season.

We have also seen American Horror Story depart Netflix in other regions. In Australia, all seasons departed earlier in the year in February 2020.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on this as it develops and we’ll also reach out to Netflix PR and Netflix customer service to find out more too.