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What’s Coming to Netflix This Week (May 13th – May 19th)

White Gold season 2 coming to Netflix US this week

It’s time to look ahead at what’s coming to Netflix in the United States this week. It’s not as busy as last week but there’s plenty of brand new titles to keep you busy. Remember, this list the most comprehensive preview you’ll see as we’ve got titles in our list that other outlets don’t.

Just in case you missed anything from the past week, we’ve put up a list of all the new releases that came to Netflix up until May 11th.

Now let’s take a look at the few highlights due out this week:

White Gold (Season 2)

Release date: May 17th

The BBC comedy series returned earlier this year in the United Kingdom and is finally coming to Netflix. The second season sees Vincent Swan continue his goal at domination in the window fitting industry.

This season sees the return of many characters and has some genuinely laugh out loud moments and is a welcome return.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)

Release Date: May 18th

If you love Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you’ve been treated a couple of films since part 2 of the show came out starring the show’s main actress.

This A24 movie didn’t receive the best reviews but that’s common with a film in the horror genre. The movie sees two girls battle evil forces after they’re left behind at their boarding school.

Revisions (Season 1) Netflix Original Anime

Release Date: May 14th

Looking for some new anime? On Tuesday, Netflix will be releasing one of its most recent anime pickups, Revisions.

We’re still waiting for a localized trailer but there’s plenty more to learn about the first season in our preview.

Now let’s move onto the full list of new releases we know about so far for this week. As always, keep up-to-date with all the daily new releases on our dedicated page.

Full list of new releases coming to Netflix this week

May 13th

  • Malibu Rescue (2019) Netflix Original Movie
  • Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom (2018)

May 14th

  • Backdraft 2 (2019)
  • Killer Cove (Movie)
  • Revisions (Season 1) Netflix Original Series
  • Still Laugh-in: The Stars Celebrate (2019) Netflix Original Stand-up Special
  • Weed the People

May 15th

  • All The Devil’s Men (2018)
  • Bal Ganesh and friends from Zeba
  • Bal Ganesh and the Pomzom Planet
  • Cake (2018) Pakistani Movie
  • Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed!
  • I Hear You (Season 1)

May 16th

  • Good Sam (2019) Netflix Original Movie
  • PATRICK (2019)
  • Take Me Home Tonight

May 17th

  • 1994 (Season 1) Netflix Original Docuseries
  • Born in Gaza (2014)
  • Chip and Potato (Season 1) Netflix Original Kids Series
  • Dying to Tell (2019) Netflix Original Spanish Documentary
  • It’s Bruno (Season 1) Netflix Original Comedy Series
  • Maria (2019) Netflix Original Foreign Movie
  • Nailed It! (Season 3) Netflix Original Reality Series
  • The Rain (Season 2) Netflix Original Danish Series
  • Saverio Raimondo: Il Satiro Parlante (2019) Netflix Original Stand-up Special
  • See You Yesterday (2019) Netflix Original Movie
  • White Gold (Season 2) Netflix Original Series

May 18th

  • SGT. Will Gardner (2019)
  • The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)

May 19th

  • Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (Season 3 – Episode 2)

What are you looking forward to on Netflix this week? Let us know down below.